Colt Strting Seminar

The Right Start

Colt starting with their owners

Many owners of young, unbroke horses, have asked me frequently about the possibility to start their colt on their own under my supervision and with my support. For that reason I have decided to offer them a way to do the initial steps on their own with me being there, to help them and their horses along.

The seminar shall fulfill the following goals:

Day 1:

1. Preparation from the ground and from another horse.
2. Introducing the youngster to various obstacles to enhance trust.
3. First saddling.
4. First bridling.

Day 2 :

1. Repeating the first day program.
2. Working with the youngster from another horse.
3. First mounting.
4. Working with the colt, being mounted, from another horse.

Day 3 :

1. Repeating the second day program.
2. Getting the colt used to a snaffle bit.
3. Saddling and mounting.
4. Owner rides his colt on his own.

Day 4 :

1. Repeating the third day program.
2. First steering.
3. First stopping
4. Riding in all three gaits and eventually first trail ride.


Presuppositions for this seminar:

1. Horses are unbroke and have not yet successfully resisted an attempt to be ridden.
2. Riders who think they are reasonably qualified to ride a colt under my guidance.
3. A fitting saddle for both horse and rider with pad, a solid halter with a long, stout leadrope, a headstall with a snaffle bit.

    The owners will learn:

1. Correct handling of an unbroke colt.
2. Correct handling of the equipment to be used.
3. Correct evaluation of different horse characters.
4. Correct evaluation of different situations and how to deal with them.

The horses will learn:
1. Learning to become a saddle horse without trauma.
2. To increase trust to their owners.
3. To handle difficult situations calmly.



Every participant can seek help from me if he feels he can not handle a particular situation. I will adjust every step to the learning capacity of the horse and its owner.

Every participant that will leave his horse after the seminar for at least two month in training with me, will receive a 100.00 rebate from the trainings fee.