Traditionelles Training



For as long as I have ridden Western I have been fascinated by the traditional way of training horses in the hackamore and spade bit. This system of training, which had been practiced for centuries on the ranches in the western states of the USA, is currently experiencing a revival.







Although this system does not have much relevance in today's training of modern show horses, it still has elements that these horses can also benefit from. What is especially attractive though, is the fact that time plays absolutely no role in this system.







Crucial for the progress of the horse is the discipline of the rider in the handling of the equipment and in the training of his horse. This should appeal to the leisure rider who does not want to do without a solid education of his horse and whose primary focus is not on shows or futurities.







For me the Hackamore and Bridle System is hobby and passion. If you are interested in this as well, contact me. I can help you with your training and in finding functional and quality equipment.